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Betty Swann, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, has become a world changer, changed by the love of Jesus Christ in 1970.  She says until then she was a nominal Christian starting from the age nine years old when she received Christ into her life as her Lord and Savior.  

Raised in the small town of Sweetwater, Texas, and now living in New York City, as well as Idalou, TX, Betty received a B.S. in Education from Texas Tech University, a M.Ed. from Texas A&M University, was a public school teacher in Texas and a university teacher at Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY. She is an ordained minister through Kingdom Global Ministries. Betty Swann Ministries is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

Betty Swann has served the Lord more than 40 years as a teacher to young people, singles , adults, as the head of a 6000 member church's women’s ministry for seven years, with a local ministry in New York City and a world-wide ministry to many countries. Her passion for people to know the life-changing power of Jesus has given her a strong commitment to minister to people in need from the jail cell to the “girls on the street", from the poor to the rich, from the unimportant in the world’s eyes to the heads of governments.

Her burning desire is to see a person improve in all areas of life because of the power of the Holy Spirit. Betty is direct in her approach and sensitive in her heart. Men and women, young and old, are challenged to a new level when they encounter Jesus Christ through her ministry. Lives are changed as they encounter the power of God.
Her main call from God is an international ministry.  She now partners with other mission organizations, denominations and churches from other countries around the world in order to reach a multitude of men and women. Various USA ministries have been able to do their ministry through BSM as a connecting point.  Betty's heart for the world continues to take her into new ministry ventures. 

From 1996-2004, Betty led teams of women to the nation of Belarus, a republic of the former Soviet Union, to train leaders and to establish the concept of women’s ministries in the local churches throughout that nation as they moved out from the domination of Communism.
In 2005, she began taking teams to Africa, working in Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda, training women leaders to reach out to their own country and then reach out to other countries through the Wise Woman Federation.

In 2006, Betty began a worldwide TV teaching ministry through God's Learning Channel TV (www.glc.us.com) 
In 2006, she began the Pennies From Heaven Project, whereby people from everywhere can donate pennies to feed the world.   They have now fed in 20 countries, providing thousands of meals to hungry people.

In 2009, she began a ministry in Pakistan through showing one of her TV videos called, “What Is My Cross” to more than 150 villages in Pakistan, where over 40,000 people have seen it.  She also began feeding people there, setting up mobile Bible schools, education centers for reading and writing,  and micro-finance for the villagers.  She established  a Bible college for those called to the ministry in Lahore.

Starting in 2010, she began a ministry in New York City, teaching a local Bible study and training leaders to reach out where people are hurting and need hope and destiny training.

In 2013, Betty began a ministry to young professionals in New York City who are from many nations around the world, teaching them how to be the leader God wants them to be and how to walk with God in a practical way daily, yet with signs and wonders happening. She and her husband, Bill, do this together in their church, Every Nation New York City.

Betty has also continued to speak around the USA in conferences.  You can read the BSM non-profit report on www.guidestar.com

AS BETTY SAYS:  “God has done amazing things in this ministry and to God be the glory!  For there is no other way to explain all that has happened except for the love and power of Jesus Christ.”  It has been way beyond Betty’s highest hopes and dreams for her life.



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"All of my life I have had a love for people living in poverty. I enjoy them, I feel comfortable around them, I see the good in them, and I like to hear what they have to say. I have always wished I had a way to help them in a big way, but never saw how that could happen. I remember asking God who the poor were in America now, and he told me single moms, old people on social security, and young people trying to go to school, as well as regular poor people that you see all the time.


The Lord began to show me years ago that he would use me and the money I would make in various ways as a way to help individual people when they crossed my path. It started when Him saying, “Some people only need a dollar or two. Give it to them and they will be able to buy school supplies for their children.” Or He would say, “This old woman is on social security. Five dollars will make a difference to her. Give it to her.” So I started doing it. Then, I began to notice that as I would do a speaking engagement somewhere and make money from it, right after that a need would cross my path that was the exact amount I had made and I knew God had done it for me to give to them.


About twenty years ago, he began to show me I was a “conduit” for people to give money through me to people in need here in the USA and around the world. He showed me that it meant helping all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, not just poor people. It could be used for drilling water wells in Africa, buying computers, giving college scholarships, transportation for pastors, building orphanages, feeding people, lots of different things to help people. The Bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive and I believe it. There is a joy in partnering with other people and with God to meet the needs of others. There is nothing like it!"






Feeding the world through one penny at a time.


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